Stefan KrÜskemper


Morphoskop (1998) · Zürich

Krüskemper and Sadlowski travelled by train because they were invited to Zurich. Afterward they travelled with ICE/IC-trains to different towns.

At the beginning of the trip Krüskemper and Sadlowski handes the Morphoskop to the first traveller they saw. The traveller read the starting question and wrote his answer and a new question inside the morphoskop. Then he had to turn the paper mechanism so that only his question could be read. After that the traveller handed the morphoskop to the next traveller going in the opposite direction. The act begins again. The Morphoskop is handed from seat to seat until the end of the train or the final destination is reached. A secret conversation among travellers by train.

Travellers who would like to have a protocoll of the questions and answers and primarily the answer of THEIR question can get it via post, if they leave their address inside the Morphoskop. At the end of their travels Krüskemper and Sadlowski presented the project Morphoskop and the protocol of their journey to an art-interested audience.


1998 »Morphing Systems« Klinik, Zürich

Further exhibitions: 1998 »KB1« Hamburg · 1999 »Carte Blanche« Künstlerhaus, Dortmund · 1999 »warenzeichen« Nürbanum, Nuremberg

Stefan Krüskemper and Heidi Sadlowski

Morphing, editor Klinik/Morphing Systems (Chen, Kobler, Wimmer) 2000, ISBN 3-905509-30-x




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