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Beautiful Day (2003) · Tokyo

»bik: Anne, you are unemployed and you work in trade union organized groups of the unemployed. Are the unemployed today's »avant-garde of labour«, because they are living, what many will also soon be living or is the majority still dreaming the dream of the economic miracle of regular employment?

Anne Eberle: I do not think the term of avant-garde applies here. We are certainly forerunners in many areas of life, because we must think about a different way of living and figure out how we can use the time to our advantage. You see, we are no longer submitted to the conditions of exploitation by capitel or in other words, our living work has been set free. Of course, one can better reflect on social conditions and better discuss a different way of life, if politicians, political parties, economic federations and, contrary to their better knowledge, experts would stop daily propagating that wage labor is the central element of life. They spread confusion. The »superfluous« themselves are being blamed.
Poverty and unemployment are not seen as economic causes, the economization of the social is being focused upon. Being freed from wage labor was supposed to be a victory over wage labor. Wage labor does not liberate. It causes psychological and physical illness, but it is the only form available for people to materially survive better. It is necessary to get the idea out of one's mind that social and individaul recognition is only possible through wage labor, because in the prevailing status of wage labor, there is too little room for living ...more «

Interview Office of Integrative Art

2005 »WildCards/Science Fiction«, Miraikan Museum, Tokyo

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A contribution by the Office of Integrative Art to: »WildCards« (Dellbrügge und De Moll) as part of the exhibition Science + Fiction.Translation: comunicada, Lilian-Astrid Geese, Berlin

Office of Integrative Art - Jörg Amonat, Stefan Krüskemper

Text published in the booklet »WildCards« as part of the exhibition Science + Fiction 2002



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