Stefan KrÜskemper

Is the Artist as “Genius” Obsolete?pic
An Interview with Stefan Krüskemper

Public Art Practice in Berlin
Christina Lanzl
Berlin ranks high among the world’s urban centers. What makes this city so special, so worth living in or visiting? Perhaps it is the rewarding experience of feeling a sense of place ...
Published 2009

Stefan Krüskemper
In 2001 the Office of Integrative Art received a one-year grant from the Bavarian Department of Science and Culture for the project »parkTV« situated in the park in the city center of Dessau. In this project, the Office created a simulated park inside a shopping mall and made products one can buy to replicate a park atmosphere at home.
Lecture 2008.

Team Fictionpic
Stefan Krüskemper
»This is not agreeable for me, particularly, because I do not want my piece to turn into some form of entertainment.«
Play published 2007.

Beautiful Day
Jörg Amonat, Anne Eberle, Stefan Krüskemper
»Anne, you are unemployed and you work in trade union organized groups of the unemployed. Are the unemployed today's »avant-garde of labour«, because they are living, what many will also soon be living or is the majority still dreaming the dream of the economic miracle of regular employment?«
Interview published 2002.

The Matrix has you
Stefan Krüskemper
»Intellectual multitudes: networked life forms rove the cities and delve into fleeting associations – a work group, a job, a new project. They all have something to offer: their subjectivity, their beliefs, and their ability to communicate.«
Essay published 2001.

Short Textspic
Stefan Krüskemper
Text Serigraphy/C-Print. »KunstRaumFranken«, Kunsthaus Nuremberg and »Arbeitsgeist« Gallery Olaf Stüber.
Texts published 2001.



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