Stefan KrÜskemper

Nomination Bayerischer Staatsförderpreis
»c+« Church (1999) · Nuremberg

1999 »warenzeichen« art exhibition, Nürbanum, Nuremberg

Stefan Krüskemper

The former site of the Philips factory, today called »Nürbanum«, is presented as a town concept inside a town. Business, retail trade, gastronomy, and service enterprises have grown into an urban network. In the context of the art exhibition »warenzeichen«, a temporary chapel was implemented, where ecumenical worship and internet meditations took place. The church »c+« is intended as a supplement to a contemporary urban structure. It´s a place for gathering, contemplation and social contact. The temporary space was positioned under the skylight of the foyer in the central building.

During the time of the art project three worship gatherings were planned and took place with the priest Bernd Kampf (Nuremberg). Beforehand, the possibility of christenings and marriages was advertised in newspapers and local postings. The priest and the artist developed a minmal worship liturgy, which had a communicative and critical character. Complementing the worship, internet meditations were prepared for those who wished to pray outside of the organized events. Prayers, psalms and songs could be heard on a special »c+« website based on audiomaterial provided by the »Elisabethkirche Marburg«.

Exhibition catalouge »warenzeichen«




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