Stefan KrÜskemper
Nomination Alternativer Medienpreis (Alternative Mediaprize)
Work About Work (2000 ...) · Nuremberg, Berlin, Münster, Weimar, Leipzig, a. o.

»The love to work, the frantic work-addiction leading to total exhaustion.« (Paul Lafargue)

With their »Arbeit über Arbeit« (Work about Work) Krüskemper and Sadlowski questioned the conditions of work today, forms of self-organisation, and personal workstrategies and –utopias. For this they initiated temporary situations in public space in Nuremberg for discussions and actions. Economical strategy: creating networks with different partners. An archive accompanied the project. Scientists, artists, manager and all people who were interested was invited to participate in the project and to talk about their experiences.

»Positionen und Tendenzen 2000« (Positions and Tendencies 2000) Guests: the Media Theoretic Martin Burckhardt »Immaterielle Produktion« (Immaterial Production), the Sociologue Michael Brater »Künstlerische Kompetenzen im Arbeitsprozess« (Artistic Competencies in Work Processes), and Net-author Claudia Klinger »Teleexistenz« (Tele Existence). The political Economist and Philosopher Robert Kurz was invited by »Arbeit überArbeit« for talking about today’s notion and value of work. He described the expectations in the »New Economy« and the consequences of the »New Technologies« for the job situation. Which forms of work will we encounter in the future? Of how much flexibility is a single person capable of? Is there a personal strategy to avoid the erosion of the value of work?

2004 »Arbeitsgeist« exhibition installation, ACC Galerie, Weimar · 2003 »Streik« lecture and discussion, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster · 2001 »Kontext Kunst Vermittlung« symposium lecture and exhibition, NGBK, Berlin · 2001 »Kunstraum Franken« exhibition installation, Kunsthaus, Nuremberg · 2000 »Positions and Tendencies« intervention and interaction in the public space, Nuremberg · 2000 »« internet and public space, Nuremberg

Stefan Krüskemper, Heidi Sadlowski

Kulturreferat of the City Nuremberg, Jobcafe online, Architekturwerkstatt Löbermann, Kubiss, Cancom. Nominated for: »Alternativer Medienpreis« Radio Z

»Positionen und Tendenzen« ed. Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg. · »Arbeit über Arbeit« ed. by Stefan Krüskemper and Heidi Sadlowski · »log.buch« ed. Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg · »Kunstraum Franken«, ed. Kunsthaus, Nuremberg · »Streikzeitung« ed. Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster

Work about Work



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