Stefan KrÜskemper
Competition prize winning
Air Borne (2006) · Humboldt-University · Berlin

The area known today as »Adlershof, the City of Science, Technology and Media«, was once the Johannisthal airbase. Germany's first motorized aircraft took off from here at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1912 the German Experimental Institute for Aviation (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt – DVL) made Adlershof its headquarter. After World War II, the airport was closed and three institutions determined from then on Adlershof´s destiny: The Ministry of State Security, East Germany's National Television and the East German Academy of Science. After German reunification the Berlin Senate decided to establish an »integrated scientific and business landscape« on the Adlershof site. From the end of 1991 on, the natural science faculties of the Humboldt University of Berlin to Adlershof were relocated.

The area of the competition is called »Aerodynamischer Park« (Aerodynamic Park). Laboratories, motor test beds, and wind tunnels were erected in the 20s and 30s and are historical landmarks today. Together with the contemporary architecture of the square, they determine this central location of the Humboldt University.

The primary aim of this installation is to make the layers of time perceptible through narrative ambient sounds and to connect the layers with today. The approach consists of 15 composed sound pieces which establish a relationship to the historical landmarks and the present-day architecture of the site. The duration of the compositions is exaggeratedly slowed in time. The idea is to evoke memory »images« of the layers of time through electronically based sound pieces. The duration of the sound passages of the pieces are short and the times of silence between the different passages are lengthy (for example, a week or even a month). Also the spatial distance of the locations of the 15 loudspeakers is huge. This implies that the whole composition is completly heard only in about a few years.

The red ellipsoid speakers are inscribed on top with short texts. These rather poetical texts open the space for narrative associations and imaginations.

01. To be airborne. To be as courageous as the air.
03. Thinking of tomorrow high above. The Cities in side.
05. Greeting Humboldt.
06. Toward the ground. Spinning.
07. Speaking a child from the air. In Russian.
08. To break at the earth. Dry.
10. Thinking of love. Under the linden trees.
12. To give under pressure.
13. A radio. The light of the dial. Songs of numbers at midnight.
14. The sky full of crazy stunts. Sunday applause.
15. Keep a stiff upper lip.

The expectation and the presence of the listener remains although there are - and because there are - frequent passages of silence. The ambient noises of the »Aerodynamischer Park« itself become aesthetic and part of the composition.

2005 Invited Competiton. Competition prize winning, Permanent Sound Installation in the Public Space of the Hunboldt-Universty Berlin, Campus Adlershof

2006 Aerodynamischer Park, Hunboldt-Universty, Campus Adlershof, Newtonstrasse 14–18. The sound installation is open to the public day and night

Stefan Krüskemper with the collaboration of Karlheinz Essl and Trillian GmbH

AIR BORNE, verlag für integrative kunst,
ISBN-10: 3-00-018996-3




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