Stefan KrÜskemper
Competition prize winning
Face to Face (2001) · Foyer Lucent Technologies · Nuremberg

A life-size figure appears on a wall in the office lobby. It turns its head and looks at another part of the room. A second figure appears and looks back at the first. When the second person looks in a different direction, the first disappears and a third materializes. And so it goes on.

The computer-controlled glances silently exchanged by the briefly projected individuals create a complex spatial network in the foyer of Lucent Technologies’ Nuremberg office. The installation reflects the core competence of Lucent (AT&T): communication via lighting technology.



1997 Competition prize winning. Competition initiated by: Artconsulting ArtWare Kunst im Büro GmbH, Nürnberg. Not realized.

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Stefan Krüskemper



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