Stefan KrÜskemper
Competition prize winning
Media Installation Frankenhalle (1998) · Nuremberg

The Foyer of Nuremberg`s »Frankenhalle« is an open space and is a generous entrance for different events. Concerts, maintenance, congresses or exhibitions. At the same time, the transparent glass hall is the interception point for complex movement streams of the Nuremberg-Fair set up.

Movement as a fuction of space and time, qualifies the concrete location. Movement qualifies space. Space provokes a concrete movement. Ever-changing functions and the rhythm of day and night reconfigure space permanently.

Twelve glass panels are hang from steel cables, frameless above the hall gallery, covered with fine white serigraph prints. Aligned in relation to the general movement direction, they are condensed architecture. Position and sequence result from spatial- and static structures of the building. By day kinetic (because of the Moiree Effect), technically cool (like the atmosphere of the conferences), and fluid or compact (in relation to the light), in the evening the panels transmute through beamer projection to light objects.

The dissolved movements of the visitors look like virtual spatial architecture on the glass sequence. ephemeral traces.

1997 Competition prize winning

1998 Foyer Frankenhalle, Messe Nürnberg GmbH. The installation is open to the public.

Stefan Krüskemper




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